Sunday, October 01, 2017

Blogger(s) Wanted!

Welcome cisgendered people, GLBT, emerging gender variants.

Why open a blog post suchwise? Because I'm hoping it replaces the hoary "Welcome ladies and gentlemen," which seems hackneyed to my dramaturgic ear and exclusionary to my progressive mind. 

Also, I'm going out on my prophetic limb to predict that gender identification will become in the not-too-distant future as fluid and essentially immaterial to most human interaction as race is today.

But I digress, welcome to Mount Analog, a blog associated with

I'm looking for bloggers, experienced, fledgling, or aspiring, to contribute to this site, specifically people knowledgeable about art and entertainment in DFW to review local cultural events. I'm not so much interested in people promoting their own or their friends' events but real criticism as one might get in old-school journals, a la The New Yorker, Art Forum, Time Out, Cahiers du Cinema,  The Paris Review, etc, or locally, The Dallas Observer, Fort Worth Weekly or TheaterJones.

I'd also very much like to solicit reviews from DFW theaters that produce local authors, such as Hip Pocket Theater and Ochre House Theater.

 My belief is that a cultural "scene" is only as good as its critics.
Contact me here or at

Or just go on the site and start stirring the mud.

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