Friday, August 18, 2017

 I’m hoping this will become a hang out for my friends and soul mates dispersed around the world to share art and ideas and find like-minded people to make art with, expand each other's awareness, and prepare to die more comfortably than the ninnies and twits would want us to.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Welcome, Lords and Ladies, to Gold Alchemy dot org. We're glad you came. Take your shoes off, stay a spell. Watch some movies, listen to some music, view some art, read some articles and poems (if they've been posted), check out our friends and angels, consider signing up for a writing class... And let us know what you think. 

The majority of the stuff currently posted originated with me or one of my illustrious associates of the past, in addition to projects in development by me or my fellow alchemists. That said, there are some cool things up already by fellow alchemists, particularly Gabriel Horn and Logan Gilpin. 

We're still in the Beta stage, working out the bugs, with plans to go out wider as the minutes pass. 

 My fantasy is for this to become a cybeplace where you want to hang out, a meeting place on line, for people who share our vision of humankind as an upwardly mobile species, not just in economics and technology, but in ethics, intelligence, life expectancy, space exploration, mind expansion, happiness, environmental preservation,  peace mongering,  conflict resolution, poverty elimination, ocean exploration, human interdependence, individual freedoms, interspecies cooperation,  etc.

You might wonder how one gets to be a Gold Alchemist.  We haven't figured that out exactly. There isn't a codified process. Nor are there any bylaws, or requirements, except for a general spirit of good will toward other humans, animals, and yourself.  A tendency toward healthy living, the intrinsic value of art,  respect for the laws of physics, curiosity about metaphysics, and pataphysicis for that matter, but I digress (as usual), it's a blog, right? Also, here at Gold Alchemy dot org we believe in the Silver Rule, the Golden Rule, and the Platinum Rule (check back for elaboration on these in the future). 

Onward and upward

Colin Wilson, A Saint of Consciousness

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